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Taking a Detour: the MeinKraft voxel demo

It’s been slow on the job front lately. I’ve been trying to get a position as a Unity programmer, and you’d think it wouldn’t be that difficult with the experience I have. The main problem is, most hiring managers want to see portfolios, and due to the volatile nature of the gaming industry, nearly everything I’ve worked on is either proprietary or no longer available.

So I’ve decided to remedy this. Over the last day or so I’ve been putting together a Minecraft/voxel demo that’ll be right up the alley of all those guys who need to see something concrete. As of bedtime yesterday I got the world mesh building correctly in Unity, take a gander;

And just now I’ve gotten the texture lookups working so I can have block types other than dirt. Fancy! Stay tuned for future updates regarding this demo, and of course more Dungeon Ho!: Unity development news.


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