Dungeon Ho!: Unity – Art Blog #2

Good news, everyone!  I’ve completed the initial revamp of the random dungeon generation algorithm, complete with more detailed tilesets.  Here’s a screenshot of it in action;

DHU ss1

The next dev blog will detour from the usual wibbling on about inventory pickups and delve into the process I used here.  Stay tuned.


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Dungeon Ho!: Unity – Livestream update

o hai.  Do you… like to watch?

I’ve started livestreaming the development of Dungeon Ho!: Unity on Twitch.  In theory, I am live from 11am to 4pm weekdays, Pacific Standard Time.  In reality, I’m not very good at keeping that schedule and tend to roll in anywhere from 11-12:30.  If the coding process interests you to the extent that you would love to watch it unfold in realtime, come visit my channel at https://www.twitch.tv/sandalfootproductions/ – and be sure to Follow me so you can get notified of such things relevant to your interests.


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O hai

Hey there. I’m Steve, the lead developer and general Guy in Charge here at Sandalfoot. We (okay, so far just me and occasionally another contributor) are an up-and-coming indie game developer whose work primarily centers around the Android platform.

Our first title, Dungeon Ho!, was released in late March 2013 and garnered some pretty good reviews, including this one from Hardcore Droid. Since then we’ve been busy learning the Ouya and porting it to that console, as well as working on the tech for our next couple of games.

The future is bright for Sandalfoot (we may even have a logo pretty soon!), so hop on and join us for the ride, why don’t you?


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