Dungeon Ho!: Unity – Dev Blog #13

Welcome back, dungeon generators!  Once again I’ve been too busy actually developing to stop and create new blog entries… but I have good news.  That being, that Dungeon Ho!: Unity is about to enter what I call the “core systems playtesting” stage.  This is where I make a standalone build of the game, hand it off to some willing friends, and watch them utterly break everything I’ve labored to build over the last, uh… amount of time that I don’t really want to ponder.

That’s actually a good question, though; how long has DHo!:U been in development?  Well, the astute among you will notice that I began this dev blog roughly two years ago.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been working on the game straight through all of this time; I’ve been adding bits and pieces to the core engine when time has permitted, documenting the features as I added them in this blog.  (And you can see a rough timeline of how that’s gone by looking at the post dates.)

The good news is, since this great nation of ours decided it was a crime to set foot in your front yard I’ve had plenty of time to focus on building the game, and development progress has far outstripped the rate at which I’ve been blogging, since as you can imagine given the choice between implementing features or testing the game and blogging about implementing features, I’d rather be pushing forward and doing the former.

So, today we’re going to take a detour from looking at the inventory management UI and dig into the first of the next two topics I want to cover, which people will find a lot more interesting than how to hook up a Unity event; dungeon generation.  Dungeon Ho! uses a fairly straightforward but really cool random dungeon generator that does way more than simply connect squares together like a lot of Roguelikes, but it doesn’t go crazy and use far-out generation procedures involving noise or natural terrain or anything of that nature, balancing atop the line between “simple” and “complex” while still managing to look really cool.

Before I go into that though, I want to touch in more depth on the topic of DungeonGenerators.  I alluded to this back when I first began developing the dungeon generation code, but didn’t really say much about it in any great detail.  In recent days it’s been an absolutely invaluable tool for both development and testing, though, so I want to do a bit of a deep-dive and show you just what I’m on about.  So, bop on over to the next blog entry after this one and we’ll take a look.


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