A New Beginning

Hey there gamers, how’ve you been?  Has it really been five years since Dungeon Ho! was released on the Android platform?

I’ve been dipping in and out of new projects since then, learning new technologies and dealing with the ups and downs of Real Lifetm – but I’m happy to announce a few happenings that may be of interest.

Firstly, though… how ’bout that Ouya, huh?  Didn’t exactly take off like gangbusters, did it?  I’m kinda disappointed that I wasn’t able to develop anything for that platform after all, but I guess in hindsight it would have been a whole mess o’ wasted effort.  Those of you curious about a followup to Dungeon Ho! are going to be happy, though, as I’ve finalized the design of the pseudo-sequel, Dungeon Ho!: Unity.  DH!U is going to be a spruced-up, refactored port of the Java/Android codebase to the Unity engine in C#.  Big whoop, you say?  Well, the more interesting aspect of this decision is that I’ll be writing a series of Dev Blogs documenting the process which will serve as a pseudo-tutorial of sorts for those of you interested not only in the complete game development process from beginning to end (God willing, anyway) as done by a solo indie developer, but also the ins and outs of developing a 2D roguelike in Unity.  I’d wager there are far more of you in that latter camp than the former, at least for now!

That’s not all I’ll be up to, though; I’ll share development of all of the other projects I’m working on, as I work on them.  Hopefully you’ll find these postings useful in your own game development journey in one way or another.


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