Dungeon Ho! for Ouya in development

O hai,

Sandalfoot Games supports the Ouya.  Hurray!  I sideloaded the existing Dungeon Ho! .apk onto the console a while back as an experiment, and it runs… if you enjoy controlling a click-based UI with a touchpad, that is.  I don’t.  So, I tossed around the idea of doing an Ouya-specific version for a while before shelving the idea due to resources being unavailable at the time.

Looks like that’s changed.  I’ll be developing Dungeon Ho! for the Ouya alongside of our new RPG, the title of which is still a work in progress.

In the meantime, here’s a screenshot from the new version, which will feature beefed-up graphics at the Ouya’s native resolution of 1920×1080.

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O hai

Hey there. I’m Steve, the lead developer and general Guy in Charge here at Sandalfoot. We (okay, so far just me and occasionally another contributor) are an up-and-coming indie game developer whose work primarily centers around the Android platform.

Our first title, Dungeon Ho!, was released in late March 2013 and garnered some pretty good reviews, including this one from Hardcore Droid. Since then we’ve been busy learning the Ouya and porting it to that console, as well as working on the tech for our next couple of games.

The future is bright for Sandalfoot (we may even have a logo pretty soon!), so hop on and join us for the ride, why don’t you?


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